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SFJA Accredited No. 139

OCR Accredited No. 23500



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We were the first OCR Centre to be approved to run the new QCF Assessor and IQA Certificates, and Rob was the first OCR candidate to achieve them!



Aug 2018


The Team

Rob Faulkner

A qualified Mechanical Engineer who started his working life flying jets in the Fleet Air Arm. He spent time in the Electrical Engineering industry as a Production Manager, then went into Further Education as a lecturer. From there Rob moved back into industry as a Trainer specialising in defining and assessing competence. He is a qualified Assessor and Internal Verifier and has worked for OCR as an External Verifier and as an Evaluator of new Centres. Contact Rob on 01538 300 509 or 07771 617249

Simon Faulkner

Simon spent 14 years in the Royal Air Force as a Pilot before leaving and running an IT Consultancy company specializing in integrating open source software such as Linux, Exim and Samba with proprietry Windows networks. He currently delivers training for QCF Assessor Certificate and Award and the QCF IQA Certificate, and is experienced in delivering training across a wide variety of sectors. Contact Simon on 01538 303 902 or 07771 845326

Mike Faulkner

Mike is another pilot on the team, having spent 12 years in the Royal Air Force as a Pilot and flying instructor. He now delivers training and assessment for the Direct Training & Support (DT&S) NVQ Level 3. Mike also assesses both NVQ Level 4s, A&G Levels 3 and 4, and QCF NVQ Assessor Certificate and Award. Contact Mike on 01522 731872 or 07765 881948

Lucy Faulkner

Lucy is a keen Falconer and flies Hawks, Falcons and Owls in displays. Lucy delivers Assessor training and Internet Security training and is working towards IQA.

Contact Lucy on 01538 303 902


Pete Leason

Pete is an engineering specialist delivering A1 Assessor, V1 Verifier, and Trainer NVQ 3 and 4 for A1 Assessment. He also delivers various Engineering, Maintenance, and Business Improvement training courses and qualifications. Contact Pete on 07759 417033

Kevin Wooff

Kevin spent 16 years in the RAF as a fast-jet Navigator, culminating in Flight Test Management on the Eurofighter Typhoon. Kevin is a psychology graduate with the Open University and has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management with the University of the West of England. Following time in project and technology management, and as Operations Director of a training company, Kevin now delivers NVQ QCF Assessor Certificate and Award (formerly the A1) and the QCAF IQA (formerly the V1) Certificate... also training and assessment for the DT&S Level 3 (Trainer - PTLLS and CTLLS equivalent). Contact Kevin on 07980 709139